Welcome to Hudson's Internet Upkeep

I want to provide services that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, on anything; services that touch everyday life; and services that respect people, especially their privacy and well-being.

And aside from that, I just want to have fun! So check out the sites below, all homemade with love and an eye for quirky, characterful design.

Meet the developer!

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Hudson's NetDex

Powered by the famous PageRank algorithm, Hudson's NetDex searches the web organically, without tracking your activity and trapping you in a self-affirming loop. We also provide a Sherlock 2 plugin, to bring the old tech some TLC. [WIP]


Get the weather forecast for any place in the world with high accuracy, with a concise display inspired from Japanese forecast websites. In the future, there will also be a free API for conveniently adding global forecasts to your app. [WIP]

Hudson's Chill Corner

This is the chillest place on the Web. Play classic Flash games, find good books and comics, and listen to a soothing lofi radio that sounds great even over dialup. [WIP]

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